Lighthouse - Printing QR Codes and Labels

Once you have set up your QR codes on the Map view, you are ready to print your codes.

Printing your QR codes requires a regular laser or ink jet printer and weather proof label adhesive paper. The labels print on a 8.5" x 11" size paper with 1" size square labels. A total of 80 labels print on each sheet of paper.

Tip:  A good provider for these labels is We recommend purchasing the weatherproof matte labels, size 1" x 1" (product code OL5425WJ). This link takes you directly to the product.

Printing QR codes

  1. On Lighthouse Web, navigate to the Setup menu option and click the Zones tab
  2. Select the QR Codes button
  3. Filter by Location or Zone
  4. Click the Print Codes button
  5. To ensure the entire bar codes are within the label sticker confirm the following setting are applied
    • Layout - Portrait
    • Paper size - Letter
    • Margins - Default
    • Scale - 100

    Note:  Chrome or Firefox browsers work best to print QR codes.

  6. Once you have the label paper loaded into the printer, click the Print button

After printing the codes you may want to print the labels which is a second sheet of paper that allows you to see the corresponding location and code name. This is helpful when you are deploying the QR codes at the location as the labels print the full location name and zone in the same position as the QR code page.

Printing labels

  1. After printing the codes, keep the same window displayed and click the Print Labels button
  2. Once you have regular paper loaded into the printer, click the Print button