Lighthouse – Setting Up Your NFC Tags

With Lighthouse, you can use Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to log scan events. NFC uses a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that allows field employees to tap tags with their smartphone to register their location in Lighthouse.

What are NFC tags?

NFC tags come in various shapes and sizes, usually made out of plastic or a sticker format. These tags have a small microchip that uses radio frequency to communicate with an in range mobile device. Lighthouse is compatible with all common NFC protocols and works with both type A and B tags. Tags need to be in a writable or rewritable format.

Tip:  A good provider for purchasing NFC tags is

How do I set up a NFC tag?

The set up to add an NFC tag in Lighthouse is similar to the process of adding QR codes.

  1. To add a NFC tag, log in to Lighthouse Web, right click on the map location (inside a location geofence) and select Add Signal
  2. The unassigned beacon view displays in the slider view

  3. Enter the label information, and any additional references or details, choose NFC Tag from the Type drop down, leave the Auto Assign Settings check box selected, and the Geo Coordinates automatically fill in
  4. Click the Save and the Confirm buttons, and the signal displays on the map as a small circle within the location
  5. Tip:  To help you with deploying tags, compile a list of where you want the NFC tags to be placed or mark the tags as you add them.

  6. Once you are at the physical location, adhere the NFC tag to the appropriate area at the location
  7. Note:  We recommend not placing the tags onto any metal surface, since these tags are electromagnetic, metal can easily interfere with their operation.

  8. Log in to the Lighthouse Mobile app and tap the Scan icon at the bottom of the screen and tap the Scan NFC button
  9. When you receive the message Ready to scan hold the top of the device near the NFC tag and you will receive the message Tag detected
  10. When the Unknown tag message displays, tap Yes, and a list displays of signals within 1000 meters
  11. Select the appropriate assigned signal and tap the Save button
  12. The Scan Successful message displays and the tag is ready for use

How do I reuse a NFC tag?

Reuse Lighthouse tags for a different area/location

If you have a Lighthouse NFC tag you want to reuse at an alternate area/location, follow the first eight steps above and when the Scan Successful message displays, tap the Edit Zone button, tap in the Rename field, enter the new name for the tag and tap the Save button.

Reuse tags from a different application

If you want to reuse NFC tags that were used with a different application, there are two ways you can set them up in Lighthouse.

Note:  Employees must have Create / Edit Access Permissions for Signals to program or rename NFC tags. Role access is set up on the Roles & Permissions tab of the Setting menu option.

See this link for steps to scan a NFC tag.

Note:  If you are having difficulty scanning NFC tags, verify if your device is compatible with NFC read/write functionality. Most Android phones and tablets starting 2015 are compatible, and iPhones/iPads version 7 using iOS 11 and later are compatible. Review your specific device specifications for compatibility.