Lighthouse – Adding Signals

Beacons are a device that is repeatedly transmitting signals that a smart device can identify. Beacons track locations by transmitting a unique ID number that advises the smart device which beacon it is in proximity to. Adding beacons for use with Lighthouse, requires a two set process. The steps below allow you to add the beacon to the software. The second step relates to configuring the beacon hardware. After you have completed the steps below, to complete the hardware setup, email TEAM Client Services at

Steps to add beacons

  1. In Lighthouse Web, navigate to the Maps menu option and right click on the map location (inside a location geofence) and select Add Signal
  2. On the Unassigned Beacon slider view, enter the Label and Reference information
  3. Set the appropriate signal type using the Type drop down
  4. Leave the Auto Assign Settings check box selected and the other settings automatically fill in
  5. Click the Save and Confirm buttons
  6. The signal displays on the map as a small circle within the location geofence.

  7. When adding beacons, there is an additional step related to configuring the beacon hardware. To complete the process of setting up your beacons, email TEAM Client Services at

Once your beacons have been added to the map, they display in the Setup menu option on the Signals tab.