Lighthouse – Adding QR Codes

If you need pinpoint reporting accuracy, you can set up QR codes to use with Lighthouse. QR codes are a unique two-dimensional version of a barcode. These codes allow for active tracking, meaning the location event is based on the field employee physically scanning the code through the mobile app.

Adding QR codes

  1. In Lighthouse Web, navigate to the Maps menu option and right click on the map location (inside a location geofence) and select Add Signal
  2. On the Unassigned Beacon slider view, enter the Label and Reference information
  3. Choose QR Code from the Type drop down
  4. Leave the Auto Assign Settings check box selected and the other settings automatically fill in
  5. Click the Save and Confirm buttons
  6. The signal displays on the map as a small circle within the location geofence.

Once your QR codes have been added to the map, they display in the Setup menu option on the Zones tab. Click the QR Codes button and you can filter by location to find your QR codes. Use this link for details on editing or moving zones, and for details on printing codes use this link.