Lighthouse – Report Filters

Lighthouse Web contains a variety of reports to help you analyze the data it captures. Filters help you quickly find and narrow the report information so you can view and/or download the content you need. With Lighthouse reports there are date/time filters, report specific filters and on some reports you can filter out records with an unassigned location.

Date/Time Filters

Every report in Lighthouse can be filtered by date (or date range) and time of day. The filter for events and exceptions is defaulted to the current date, while all others reports default to the last week.

How to use the date/time filter

  1. Select the calendar icon at the top right of the report
  2. Select the day you want the report to start
  3. Select the day you want it to finish
  4. Optional: Within a day, you can also specify a start and end time
  5. Click the Update button

Report Specific Filters

Within each report, additional filters are available by type.

  • Events - event, location, user and zone
  • Exceptions - location and zone
  • Tasks - location, task, user and zone
  • Audits - audit, location and user
  • Issues - Issue, location, status and user
  • Shifts - location, role and user

How to use the report filter

  1. Select the Filter button
  2. Select the filter item
  3. Click the arrows to narrow the results, then select the check boxes for the records

Unassigned Location Filters

On the events, tasks, audits, issues and shifts reports there is the option to filter out records that are not assigned to a location. To use this feature, use the Include unassigned location data check box. Clear the check box to display records not assigned to a location.

How to use the unassigned location filter

To filter out records with unassigned locations, clear the Include unassigned location data check box and the displayed records will update.

Tip:  For additional information about viewing and downloading reports use this link.