Lighthouse - Daily Shift Report

The Daily Shift Report includes all employee shift activity that Lighthouse records within the previous 24 hour period. This report includes three sections: an overview summary of the number of scans, issues, tasks and audits submitted, a time line of shifts started/ended, and an activity summary.

Set up

To receive this report daily, navigate to the Notification Preferences for the appropriate user (Users tab under Settings) click the Enabled check box, select to receive the report via Email and set the time, time zone, report type settings and save the changes.

Report display

The email displays separate links for each employee shift. The order is listed in alphabetical order by users last name, and the secondary sort is by shift time.

To view the PDF report details click the Download Report link under the employee name.

The PDF displays the employee's shift information including started/ended shifts, scans, issues, tasks and audits. Each activity displays the location and date/time information.

Note:  Only the event types of Enter display in the Activity Summary section on this report.

To see the submitted form information, click the link on the record and it displays the information in the Lighthouse web reports view.

To open the form in a PDF format, click the PDF button and the form opens in a PDF format on your browser.

To open the form on the map view, click the Map button and the form displays in the slider view.