Lighthouse - Daily Location/Activity Reports

Daily Location (activity) reports display a summary of all activity that has been recorded by Lighthouse for the previous 24 hour period. An activity summary section of scans, issues, tasks and audits displays at the top of the report. All submitted issues, tasks and audit forms are provided in an Other Activity section.

There are two different types of this report (standard and alternate version). The main difference between the report versions is how many scans are displayed and how they are arranged/grouped on the report.

  • The standard version displays a maximum of 200 scans in chronological order within the Activity Summary section of the report.
  • The alternate version, displays total scans by area separated into three-hour windows in a Location Scans section of the report. The display format of this alternate version, helps you easily see if the scans/areas are distributed across shifts or in the time windows you expect them to be. If an area was not entered or missed, it displays with a 0. This version may be preferred for those who use Bluetooth beacons or that have large locations with more than 200 scans a day. To enable this report version, email TEAM Client Services at

Set up to automatically receive the Daily Location (Activity) reports

  1. Log in to Lighthouse Web and navigate to Settings by clicking your user name at the top right of the window
  2. Click on the Profile tab to display your profile
  3. Note:  If you want to set up the report for another user, search or scroll for the user on the Users tab and select it to display the profile.

  4. Navigate to the Daily Location Report in the Notification Preferences section and complete the following:
    • Click Select a notification method field and select the Email check box
    • Set the Send after time and time zone
    • Tip:  If you want activity for the prior day, ensure you select a time after your 24-hour-window ends. By default, all activity recorded between 6am - 6am in the time zone of the location is included in the report. If you want your 24-hour-window start time changed, email TEAM Client Services at

    • Choose between receiving the Summary Report or Summary Report + Submissions
    • Note:  The Summary Report option provides a chronological summary of activity with links to download form details and the Summary Report + Submissions option provides a chronological summary, including all form information.

    • If you do not want to receive the report for locations with no activity, select the Skip locations with no activity check box
  5. Click the Save and Confirm buttons at the bottom of the window
  6. Note:  To receive emailed reports you need to have your email address listed in your user profile (in Settings).