Lighthouse – Automated Push Notifications and Email Reporting

With Lighthouse you can receive proactive alerts to the mobile app or emailed to you. These alerts help keep you informed and increase awareness to field activity. Lighthouse provides push and email notification types.

  • Push notifications are an automated alert that displays as a banner message when the app is running in the background on your locked home screen or at the top of the screen if the device is unlocked.
  • Email notifications do not require the user to be signed in to the app and may include a PDF as an attachment. These notifications are sent to the email address listed in your user profile.

You can specify which forms you want to receive alerts for in your user profile. For example, you can subscribe to receive mobile notifications for high priority issues and to receive emails for more general overview type reporting.

Notifications can be setup for the following.

  • Daily Location Report
  • Daily Shift Report
  • Exception opened (based on scheduled work records)
  • Exception closed (based on scheduled work records)
  • Shift Started
  • Shift Finished
  • New Audit (submitted)
  • New and updated Issues assigned to me
  • New Issues, not assigned to me
  • Updated Issues, not assigned to me
  • Updated Issue
  • Duress Alerts
  • New Task (submitted)

Set up

Device/System Settings

Notification Preferences

Set/change Notification Preferences

  1. In Lighthouse Web, navigate to Settings by clicking your user name at the top right of the window
  2. Click on the Profile tab to display your profile
  3. Note:  If you want to set up the notifications or reports for another user, search or scroll for the user on the Users tab and select it to display the profile.

  4. Navigate to the Notification Preferences section
  5. For each type of activity you wanted turned on, complete the following:

  6. Select the Enabled check box
  7. In the Select a notification method drop down, select the Email, Push or both check boxes
  8. If appropriate, enter the Send after drop down and timezone
  9. For report notifications, select either Summary Report or Summary Report + Submissions
  10. For form notifications (tasks, audits and issues), select which templates to receive notifications
  11. Note:  If you do not select any template forms, you will receive notifications for all forms.

  12. Click the Save and Confirm buttons at the bottom of the window

Note:  When form notifications are enabled, users will receive notifications for forms they submit.