Lighthouse – Searching for a Location on the Maps View

You can use the Search bar or the Location button in the Lighthouse Web maps view to quickly find existing locations on the map.

If you have not set up the location, use this link for directions to help you set it up.

Location search bar

When you click in the Search bar, recently viewed locations automatically display in the drop down.

Using the location search bar

  1. Click in the Search locations field (top left)
  2. Type the location name, address, Reference value, Timegate SIN (Site ID Number) or a WinTeam Job Number in the Search field
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard
  4. Select the appropriate location from the drop down list
  5. Tip:  Existing locations display a building icon next to them.

Location button

When you click the Location button it displays a list of locations, including if the location is an open or closed location, and how many users are online at that location.

Using the location button

  1. In Lighthouse Web, select the Maps menu option
  2. Click the location button on the top right of the window
  3. The side bar displays a list of all the locations that are available in the application.

  4. To find the location on the map, click the appropriate location
  5. To filter, click the All Locations button and select from the available drop down options (Open, Closed, Open/Active and Open/Inactive)
  6. Tip:  For monitoring purposes, set the filter to Open/Inactive. This displays locations that are open, but have no employee activity.

  7. To clear the filter, click on the All Locations option on the filter