Lighthouse – Map View Activity

The Activity sidebar in the Lighthouse Web Maps view displays recent activity for shift, exception and form information. In this sidebar you see activity for all locations that your access role has permission to view. By default, the displayed items are listed in chronological order based on current date/time. You can display activity for a past time period by using the time line feature.

Note:  This information is similar to the content you can access using the Activity option in the Lighthouse Mobile app.

The following list provides you details about each of the activity items the sidebar provides.

  • Audits – Submitted audit forms with links to view and edit
  • Tasks – Submitted task forms with links to view and edit
  • Issues – Submitted issue forms with links to view and edit
  • Exceptions – Opened and closed
  • Shifts – Started and finished

Access activity in the map view

  1. In Lighthouse Web, select the Maps menu option
  2. Click on the Activity button in the top right of the window
  3. The Activity sidebar displays on the right side of the window

  4. Filter the activity by clicking the All Activity drop down and select from the displayed options
  5. Tip:  You can select any of the forms (audits, tasks or issues) in the list and they will open and display in the slider view on the left. If you want to edit the form, click the Edit button, make your changes, and click the Save and Confirm buttons. Editing submitted forms allows you to update them with photos, correct misspelling and to complete a final review of the forms.

  6. To clear the filter, click on the on All Activity option on the filter

Display previous time period activity

If you want to display map activity for a past time period (days, weeks or months), you can use the time line feature at the bottom of the window.

  1. Click the calendar icon located at the bottom of the window
  2. Click the day you want to view on the calendar
  3. Click the Update button
  4. The Activity view updates with the activity for the updated time period and the display date/time (bottom of window) updates

  5. To reset the time period to the current date/time, click the Go Live button at the bottom of the window