Lighthouse – Service Hours

When you create a new location, you may want to specify the hours that you will have a field employee at the location. You can set up the standard hours of operation and the exception dates for holidays that the location is closed. Setting these up is helpful for monitoring purposes, as you can use the map location sidebar to filter the map for locations that are open, but have no employee activity. Also, after setting up service hours any scheduled work will only be active during those hours.

Set up service hours

  1. In Lighthouse Web, navigate to the Setup menu option and the Location tab displays
  2. Select the appropriate location
  3. Scroll down to the Service Hours section and click on the Add Service Hours button
  4. Set the locations standard hours by clicking the Day/Date drop down, and choose either a date or a day of the week
  5. Optional: if setting a date, select the date from the calendar and set either Closed or Open from the Options drop down
  6. Set the Open Time and Close Time fields
  7. Continue to add the remaining service hours by clicking the Add Service Hours button
  8. Once all of the service hours have been set up, click the Save and Confirm buttons