Lighthouse – Assign Forms to Locations or Areas

Certain forms can often be unique to specific locations and/or areas. Assigning forms (tasks or audits) to a location or area helps field employees know what forms to complete and when to complete them.

Example:  For example, you have an elevator check form that needs to be completed for any location that has elevators, and it only needs to be completed when the elevators are checked. In this example, you can assign this form to only locations with elevators and then to the QR codes, NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons that are located at the elevators. When the field employee scans the QR code/NFC tag or enters the beacon area, the form displays to remind the employee to complete.

Assigning a form to a location or area

  1. In Lighthouse Web, navigate to the Templates menu option
  2. Click on either Tasks or Audits tab
  3. Select the appropriate form from the template list
  4. Tip:  Use the search field to save time finding the appropriate form.

  5. Select the Location field and choose the appropriate location(s) that need to use this form
  6. Tip:  If you have a large list of locations, save yourself time by typing the location name to search for locations. Also, if you do not select any locations then the form will be available for all locations.

  7. Select the Areas field and choose the appropriate area(s) that you want displayed when a specific QR code or NFC tag is scanned or if the field employee is in range of a Bluetooth beacon.
  8. Click the Save button