Lighthouse – Adding a Target to an Audit Form Template

Audits are used for inspections, designed with a scoring/assessments feature. They allow you to set up a custom scoring system (i.e. Pass/Fail, 1-5, etc.) and assign weighting or value to questions.

Also, setting a target on an audit allows for overall scoring. This scoring compares the target to the overall audit score to determine which of the following criteria is met:

  • Above Target – score is above the target value

  • On Target – score is equal to the target value

  • Below Target – score is below the target value

Target indicators display for web on the Activity task pane and in mobile on the History option with the following indicators:

  • On target or above target – Green check mark with the score percentage

  • Below target – Red X with the score percentage

Targets will also display on the audits in web and mobile.