Scanning QR Codes and NFC Tags in Lighthouse Mobile

Once QR codesA unique two-dimensional version of a barcode. With Lighthouse, these codes allow for active tracking, meaning the location event is based on the employee physically scanning the code through the mobile app. have been made and placed within the appropriate areas of a given location they can be scanned using Lighthouse Mobile.

To scan QR Codes

  1. Tap Scan from the bottom menu.
  2. Frame the QR code with in the white border on your device's camera screen. Once the QR code is framed, it is automatically scanned.
  3. Successful scans indicate whether the scan was an Enter or Exit scan.

To scan NFC Codes

Once your NFC tags have been set up and deployed, then you are ready for employees to start scanning the tags. Scanning NFC tags is easy using the Lighthouse Mobile app.

  1. To scan a NFC tag, log in to the Lighthouse Mobile app and tap the Scan icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap the Scan NFC button
  2. When you receive the message Ready to scan hold the top of the device near the NFC tag
  3. A Tag detected message displays and then a Scan Successful message displays
  4. Tap the close icon at the top left of the screen to close the view
  5. If there is a form associated with the NFC tag it displays in the Forms section of the Scan Successful view. Tap the form name to open and complete filling it out and submitting it.

Tip:   NFC tag scans display in Lighthouse Web on the Events tab on the Reports menu.

Note:  If you are having difficulty scanning NFC tags, verify if your device is compatible with NFC read/write functionality. Most Android phones and tablets starting 2015 are compatible, and iPhones/iPads version 7 using iOS 11 and later are compatible. Review your specific device specifications for compatibility.