Lighthouse – Getting Started with the Mobile App

Field employees can use the Lighthouse Mobile app to document issues, complete tasks/audits, send messages to other users, and log activity at your facilities.

This topic steps through how to get started using the Lighthouse Mobile app. It covers downloading the app, logging into and out of the app, and reviewing the basics of the app features.

Downloading the Mobile App

The Lighthouse Mobile app is available for Android in the Google Play store, and for iOS in the App store.

  1. Search in the appropriate store for ""
  2. The app displays as a mobile workforce platform.

  3. Tap the download icon to load the app
  4. Once the app has downloaded tap the Open button
  5. When you open the app for the first time you will be prompted with access permissions. Ensure you enable all of the options by choosing allow/always allow and enable all of the options.
    • Location Service - Always Allow
    • Motion & Fitness - Allow
    • Use Bluetooth - Allow
    • Notifications - Allow
    • Camera Access - Allow/Enable

Log In

The first time you log in you will be prompted to enter an application ID, username and password. After the first log in, you will enter only your username and password.

  • Application ID - A short identifier for your company. Often your company name or acronym (all lowercase). This will only be required for the first install/download.
  • Username - Unique username or email address, (often incorporating your employee ID).

  • Password - Unique password (provided by your company or established on first log-in to Lighthouse Web.

When the employee logs into the mobile app it automatically starts their shift, an inspirational message displays with a quote, and Lighthouse will start tracking their location. This message can be customized to include a safety reminder, motivational message, slogan or command center contact information. Notify Lighthouse/TEAM Client Services or your Implementation Specialist if you would like to customize this message.

Mobile App Features

Location tracking

As long as users have accepted all location permissions per above, Lighthouse automatically tracks locations in the background. Users are visible on the map and a complete record of location history is available in the Events report.


Messages is your chat function. You can message one employee or groups of employees between the web and the mobile app. To create a new message, you first need to add a group (even if messaging only one employee). Tap the create icon (pencil) to name the group in the Group name field, select the logged in employees you want added to the group, enter the message text in the Type of message field, and tap the Send button. To add a new message to an existing group, tap the existing message group from the list of groups. Use this link for additional details on messages.


In Lighthouse, tasks, audits and issues are form templates that employees can fill out and submit. There is a typical user for each form type.

  • Tasks – Simple datat capture for repeatable or regularly scheduled activities where no followup action is required. This form type is often used for daily activity reports, restroom checklists, door/elevator/fire safety checks or post orders.
  • Audits – Reporting that needs a scoring or assessing quality. This form type is often used for officer inspections or for supervisor quality inspections.
  • Issues – notification/escalations that require resolution and assigning responsibility. You can assign a status to this type of form and it can progress through open, in progress and closed statuses. This form type is often used for incidents, slip & falls, safety hazard reporting or to report a maintenance need.

To submit a form (task, audit, issue) tap the appropriate form icon (at the bottom of the app), and then tap the create icon (pencil), and select the template to complete. Once the mobile form opens, complete the appropriate fields and tap the Submit button to save the form. Use this link for additional details on forms.


Activity displays a chronological list of location activity including shifts started/finished, forms submitted and exceptions. If you select an activity from the list, additional details display. Also, if the user is at the location, the view displays the activity at that location. If the user is not at a location, the view displays activity for all locations they have permission to view. Use this link for additional details on activity.


The scan option is used for scanning QR codes or NFC tags. When you tap the Scan icon it opens your device camera to scan the code and it displays the Scan NFC button. If a form has been assigned to a QR code or NFC tag, scanning the code or tapping the tag opens the required form for the employee to complete. Use this link for additional details on scanning.

Log Out

When employees are logged into the app, Lighthouse is tracking the location, and when they log out it stops tracking.

To log out of the mobile app, tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) to open the slide out menu and tap Logout. Once the employee confirms, the app syncs data that has cached during the session.

Note:  The employee needs to have a data (cellular or WiFi) connection to log out of the Lighthouse mobile app.