History Feed in Lighthouse Mobile

The history feed in Lighthouse Mobile is an easy to navigate chronological list of location activity on shifts and form exceptions/submissions. Reviewing this feed gives you consistent oversight on activity within your selected location(s) and helps to increase both response times and productivity.

To view, tap the History option on the footer menu.


Different icons and colors are used in the history feed to help you review activity quickly.

Icon Definition
Shift started
Shift finished
Exception opened
Exception closed


The history filters make it easy to display the information that is most relevant to you.

If you are within a geofence for a system defined location, the activities listed are automatically filtered for the location. If you are not within a location geofence, the activities listed are for all locations you have permission to view.

To filter, tap the Filter icon on the top right of the History view.

To narrow down the displayed items on the History page you can filter on the following options.

  • Location - locations the user has access to
  • Submitted By - Me, Me or My Role, All or Another User
  • Type - Exceptions - Opened/Closed, Tasks, Issues, Audits, Shift Start/Finish, and Duress

To use, select the appropriate filter and tap the Apply button.


When forms are listed in history, you can see the details by taping on the form. If edit permissions are enabled, use the Edit button on the bottom of the form to make changes.

Issues display summary field information in the history feed for a quick review.

Frequently Asked Questions about History