Lighthouse – Changing the Location/Area in a Mobile Form

When an employee fills out a form in the mobile app Lighthouse automatically assigns the location and/or area when the form is opened. If an employee is outside of a geofence then the location name may not be automatically assigned, or with beacons there may be signal bouncing and the assigned area may not be the correct area. When these situations occur, employees can update the location or area manually before they submit the form.

Changing location/area before submitting a form

  1. While filling out the form, tap the Location or Area option
  2. Select the appropriate location or area from the list (or if appropriate, you can use the Search field to query by the location Job Number or SIN)
  3. Continue to fill out the form
  4. Tap the Submit button

Once submitted, the form contains both a record of the location selected and the GPS coordinates auto-assigned when the form was opened.

Note:  The location must be selected before the form is submitted. Once the form is submitted you cannot change the location or area.