Accessing TEAM's Solutions Using the Parallels Application Portal

Welcome, and thank you for choosing TEAM software. To access TEAM solutions you can use the Parallels application portal. This portal give you access to manage powerful TEAM solutions simply, via a cloud-based environment. Break free from technology hassles and spend your time on what matters most – your business.

If you have been using the Citrix application portal to access WinTeam, you will notice the following benefits to using the Parallels application portal.

  • Increased launch speed to open and log in to WinTeam
  • Importing and exporting are directed to your workstation using local mapped drives

There are two ways to log on to WinTeam using the Parallels application portal. You can use the Parallels HTML5 Client in a web browser or you can use the Parallels Client by downloading and installing the software. Both access methods log on to WinTeam, but there are additional benefits to downloading the Client for access WinTeam.

When you download and use the Parallels Client access method, report printing uses universal print drivers which ensures accurate displayed reports and your exported files download directly to your local mapped drives. If you do not have download rights or administrator access on your computer, use the HTML5 web browser directions to access WinTeam.

For directions to log in using the HTML5 web browser use this link, and for directions to download/log on using the Parallels Client use this link.