Kwantek – Credit Gain and Payroll for WOTC

Credit Gain

Payroll files are processed once a month to calculate Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) credit gain. Credit gain is determined based on employees receiving state certification as well as the hours and wages for all certified employees.

Payroll Data File

Payroll files submitted will need to include the data elements below.

Submitting Payroll

For ease of payroll submission, full payroll files may be provided.

Note:  Only the hours and wages for WOTC eligible employees will be used, any additional records will be omitted.

For full instructions, including a usable payroll template, use this link.

Payroll files can be uploaded to this site.

Requesting End of Year Reports for Tax Filing

Once the payroll for a company's fiscal year has been submitted and processed and all WOTC invoices for the period are paid current, a request may be made to generate the end of year reports. Unlike the monthly credit reports available to super admins in the onboarding account, this end of year report breaks down credits into the specific buckets needed for tax filing.

Submit a request using the online form found here.