Kwantek – User Permission Types

When adding new users or adjusting their access, the permissions below may be granted or restricted.

Note:  Available permissions are based on the functions included in your Kwantek account - not all permission types will be available for all accounts.

Administrative Permissions

Administrative permissions are related to system administration of the account.

Permission Function
Administer System Settings Change system settings such as custom filters, candidate sources, no thanks reasons, statuses, etc.
Administer Users Change permissions or roles for Kwantek users
Customize Education/Certifications Create/edit education and/or certification requirements for a position
Customize Email Templates Create/edit email templates
Customize Job Specific Questions Create/edit job specific questions that candidates will need to answer
Manage Account Summary/Billing Manage billing information; this is the only permission for a Billing Manager
Manage Secondary Cost Centers Manage the secondary cost centers for background check orders

Candidate Management Permissions

The Candidate Management permissions are specific to managing candidates in Kwantek.

Permission Function
Add Candidate Notes Add notes to a candidate's profile under a job
Copy Candidates Copy a candidate from one job to another
Order Background Checks Order a background check for a candidate
Send OnBoarding Requests Send a request for onboarding to a candidate being hired
View Background Check Results View a full report of the background check results for a candidate
View Candidate EEO Data View details of the EEO answers for a candidate
View EEO Reports View a summary report of the EEO answers across candidates

Job Management Permissions

These permissions involve the posting of positions for candidates.

Permission Function
Activate/Suspend Jobs Either activate new/suspended jobs, or suspend a job from appearing on posting boards
Add Jobs Create new positions for which candidates may apply
Archive/Delete Jobs Archive or delete positions no longer available
Assign Interviewing Manager Assign interviewing managers to existing or newly created jobs
Edit Jobs Edit an existing job
Manage Job Distribution by Job Manage which boards a job is posted to via Job Target; requires a Job Target account
Receive Job Suspension Notifications When a job is suspended, email notification will be sent to the user