Kwantek – Inviting Users

Use the following steps to invite users to use Kwantek.

  1. Select Invite New Users from the User List.
  2. A single user or multiple users may be invited. If multiple users are invited at the same time, they will need to be assigned to the same role (System Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Interviewing Manager, or Billing Manager) and permissions. Edits can be made individually in their profile after initial set up.

  3. Click the Next Permissions button to move to the permission selection page.

  4. The systems default is to select all available permissions for the role(s) being added. If any permissions need to be removed, clear the boxes.
  5. Click the Next Custom Filters button to move to the next page.

  6. Optional: If custom filters are being used and need to be assigned to the user(s) being invited, select them. If no filters are needed, no selections are required.

  7. Click the Preview Email button.
  8. Preview the invitation before it is sent to the recipient(s).
  9. Once the invited user(s) reviews the email they need to click the Create Account link to complete their registration.