Kwantek – Resetting PIN for Employee Esign

At times you may need to reset the PIN number for an employee to esign during onboarding.

  1. Log into EHX (Kwantek onboarding portal) using either:
    • The original EHX link provided to the new hire within the onboarding registration email
    • Or

    • The manager can provide the link to the new hire as available in the Kwantek portal
  2. Upon clicking the link the following login page displays.

  3. Enter the user Id and password and click the Login button
  4. Note:  The user ID can be found within the email sent to candidate from and if the user cannot remember the password, use the forgot your password link.

  5. After you are logged into the onboarding portal, click the Profile tab
  6. At the bottom of the page (in the Personal Identification Information section), enter a new PIN and verify it
  7. Tip:  The PIN number must be non-repeating numbers and cannot begin with a zero.

  8. Click the Save button
  9. The new PIN number is saved and can be used to complete the onboarding process.