Kwantek – Adding and Editing Manual Candidates

Candidates can be added to jobs manually, either individually, or multiple at one time. This is helpful if you don’t need a candidate to fill out the full application, or for those that completed an application on paper.

Adding a Single Manual Candidate

  1. From the Prospects or Current Candidate Overview page on a given job, select Add Candidate(s)
  2. Select Individual Candidate

  3. Enter the candidate's email address, application date, and select a source from the drop down
  4. If the candidate has a resume, click Upload Resume to upload it and Kwantek will populate the candidate's information with details from their resume. Alternatively, you can select Build Resume Online and enter the information manually.

  5. If you choose to upload the resume, proceed to the next step. If you choose to build the resume online enter the candidate's contact information on the next window and click Next.

  6. After using the resume builder or uploading the resume, a Summary window displays. At this point, you can choose to save the candidate and manage their record as needed. It is not required that you complete the rest of the information.

  7. If required and/or available, you can add work history, education, and certifications by clicking the Add buttons and completing the form. ou can also edit the contact information by selecting the pencil icon next to the candidate name.

Importing Multiple Manual Candidates

To automate the process of importing multiple candidates at once, you will need a spreadsheet (.csv, .xls, or .xlsx format) will the following column headings.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Applied Date

If one of your columns doesn't exactly match, you can map your data by associating your header values with the applicable Kwantek fields.

If the data is incomplete or invalid for any candidate, you are notified which fields are impacted and which records will not be imported. You may update your file and start over, or complete the import for all other candidates and enter the invalid records separately.

Clicking the Import button will finalize the import. Once you have completed the import, you can view and process your new candidates from the Current Candidates page where you may manage them like any other candidate.

Editing a Manual Candidate

All manually added candidates can be edited. You can identify manual candidates by the M+ manual candidate indicator.

You can edit the candidate by expanding their record on the Prospects/Current Candidate lists, or via the Candidate Profile.

Make the changes to the record and click Save.