Kwantek - Analytics Reporting Dashboards Overview

The analytics and reporting dashboards replace the Classic and New reporting capabilities, while still providing the existing information and much more. What was once only available in 20+ separate reports is now available in a handful of dashboards.

The analytics reporting dashboards helps you keep a close eye on the life-cycle of your candidates, open requisitions, and the efficiency of the actions taken on both. Our Classic and New reporting suite provided much of this information spread out among multiple reports and did not allow for the flexibility many of our users desired. The analytics reporting provides greater functionality and new avenues for reporting and analytics through a dashboard-based interface.

This video is an introduction to the analytics reporting. This video covers the following topics:

  • Navigating the Kwantek analytics suite
  • Dashboards and the widget components
  • Filtering dashboards to narrow your focus to what you want to know
  • Exporting and downloading dashboards and widgets

Note:  This feature is available for System Administrators (just as with the previous new reporting capabilities). Expanded visibility to come.


Enhanced filtering capabilities that allow you to drill into data from several angles.

You can download an entire dashboard into a PDF or export a single component of the dashboard such as a detailed report into a .csv file or to Excel.

You can receive alerts when certain thresholds are reached, such as when your number of new candidates exceeds a pre-set expectation or you have a high number of jobs suspending from showing on job boards.

Tip:  Use this link for additional usage tips in the Viewers Guide, and this link for an overview of all the reports.