Kwantek – EEOC Tracker Setup Guide

Configure EEO Tracker Settings

  1. In the top toolbar, click Settings (under Account)
  2. On the Settings page, note the EEOC Tracker section

  3. Click Configure EEO Tracker Settings
  4. In this section, you can customize the message that displays on your EEO Form. Modify the Title and Description for your EEO form and click Save to submit all changes.

    From this page, the EEO questions being asked can also be edited to customize the questions the applicant is presented with during the application process.

  5. Click on the plus (+) sign next to the EEO Question to review and/or edit the answers

  6. You can also:
    • Add New Question – Displays an Add Question page. On this page, the Question Active property and the Question name are added (both are required). Click Save to save changes and return to the EEO Questions page.
    • Add Default Questions – Adds the 2 default questions and answers which are:

      • Gender

      • Please check the ethnic group you most closely identify with

    • Drag/Drop to Reorder Questions and Answers – The questions and answers can be reordered by dragging and dropping them in the order to be displayed for job seekers. Upon changing the display order of the questions or the answers within the questions, click Save Order to submit the order changes.
    • Save Order – Saves changes to the ordering of the questions and/or answers
    • Add Answer – Displays an Add Answer page. On this page, the Answer name can be added and is required. In addition, an Answer Description can be added. Click Save to save changes and return to the EEO Questions page.
    • IconDescription
      Clicking the Edit icon for the question/answer allows the text for the corresponding question/answer or answer description to be modified and saved.
      Clicking the Delete icon for the question/answer deletes the corresponding question/answer and answer description.
      The Active icon displays if the question is active.
      The Inactive icon displays if the question is inactive.

Preview your EEO Custom Application

This page allows you to see a preview of your EEO application.

Tip:  This same preview may be accessed from the Configure EEO Tracker settings page.

Configure EEO Custom Categories

This section allows you to configure custom categories for your EEO tracker. It includes several defaults (shown in blue) that cannot be removed.

Note:  Administer System Settings permission required in Kwantek to perform these actions.